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In collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, Jasmine Fennell had a vision and began to recruit for the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena Cheer and Dance Team in 2015. Once the team was noticed, the program was a success. The Cheer and Dance Team was asked to perform all over the City of Pasadena and compete in some of the city competitions as well. In 2017, the dancers wanted more, so they decided to become a dance team and choose hip hop as their genre, explored others like ballet, jazz, and majorette, and tried a few Sharp International Competitions. Families outside of BGCP became excited and interested in the program, so Jasmine teamed up with Maerice Simpson, Christina Williams, and Lydia Spurgeon to create a new vision. 


The Outspoken Dance Company was finally established in 2018 as its own entity and the vision still stands. The company is growing and continuously helping dancers through their personal journey of being OUTSPOKEN through movement.

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Jasmine Fennell began dancing with Maerice Simpson in Jackson Elementary's after school dance program at the age of 7. She continued to dance and, as the team grew bigger, Jasmine grew her love for dance. She began teaching others at the age of 13 as a volunteer at Jackson Elementary in Pasadena, CA and continued dancing through high school. She realized that dancing was definitely something she enjoyed so, when she graduated high school, she attended Cal State University Northridge and studied beginning dance along with her major Accounting courses. After that she attended Pasadena City College in 2006 and graduated with AA degrees in Communication, Humanities, and Studio Arts in 2016 as she continued to dance and teach other young dancers. Jasmine then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona to pursue her career in Graphic Design. She graduated, received her BA, and she's continuing to learn and grow in dance as the CEO and Founder of Outspoken Dance Company.

Jasmine Fennell

CEO & Founder


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