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Competition and Performance Costs
(UPDATED 5/16/2023)

Competitive Dance

  • Heat Competition Team - $180

  • S.T.E.P Majorette Miss-Fits Competition Team - $180

  • Fiya Fusion Dual Competition Team - $200

Non - Competitive Dance

  • Spark Mini’s Performance (Early Beginner, ages 3 - 7) - $65 

  • Spark Performance 1 (Intermediate Beginner) - $85 

  • Spark Performance 2 (Experienced Beginner) - $130

  • Majorette Parade & Performance (Dual Beginner) - $180

  • S.T.E.P Majorette in Training (M.I.T Experienced Beginner) - $180

Competitive dance is for dancers who are more serious about their dance careers. Those who have taken a minimum of 3 - 4 years of dance should start here.


Non-competitive or recreational dance is for beginning dancers or for those who may not want to compete. Performances are offered throughout the year, dancers who have never taken dance or who have only had dance for 1 - 2 years should start here.

Competition Fees and Technique classes for competitive dancers are included in the monthly costs. This excludes Nationals, Conferences, and other special performances or competitions. 

DUAL PROGRAMS give dancers the opportunity to experience Jazz and Majorette in one season! Dancers will be able to train, perform and participate under one of the Matchbox Programs (SPARK, HEAT or FIYA) and also the S.T.E.P Majorette Program (restrictions apply).

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